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Clinical Evidence

clinicalEvidenceStudy Presented at the 2002 American Society of Neuroradiology (ASNR) 40th Annual Meeting and Symposium. Presented by S. Kahn, J.F. Hemmer, W.K. Earley, J.F. Seegar of the University of Arizona Health Science Center.

  • 33% of the patients examined progressed form a non-critical to critical stenosis of the thecal sac with axial loading;
  • There was an AP diameter reduction in 50% of levels in sagittal scans and a cross-sectional area reduction in 64% of axial scan at all disc levels imaged;
  • 25% of patients with one critical stenotic level developed a second critically stenoic level under axial loading;
  • Previously undetected synovial cysts of diverticulae developed at 20 levels during axial loading of 50 patients.



















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