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Conventional MRI exams scan patients in the recumbent position thus negating the effects of gravity on the spine. The Portal Gravity System* which is 510(k) FDA approved and compatible with all commercially available standard MRI systems, places an axial load on the spine during routine imaging procedures. This simulates the upright position providing additional valuable information and may reveal occult pathology and shows the true severity of the problem.

The use of a vest makes it quick and easy to connect the patient to the Portable Gravity System. Custom made springs maintain constant axial load during study, while load sensors integrated into the footplate measure the amount of force being appropriately applied to within 1/10th of a pound.

Several studies recommend axial loading of the lumbar spine in computed tomographic scanning and magnetic resonance imaging and concluded that the diagnostic specificity of spinal stenosis will increase considerably when a patient is subject to axial load.

Clinical Rationale for Use of Portal Gravity Axial Load

Following are three studies, which provide clinical rationale for the use of portal gravity load:

*US and Foreign Patents Pending


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