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mri panorama1tOur new Philips Panorama 1.0T is designed to provide superb patient comfort and maximum imaging performance. This advanced, truly open MRI offers patients the ability to fully see out of the machine eliminating claustrophobic effects and creating a more comfortable experience. It’s ergonomic design accommodates many body types – from children to larger adults up to 550 pounds. The panoramic viewing angle of almost 360° allows our technologists access to take images that wouldn’t typically be able to be created by standard cylindrical MRI machines. The 1.0T field strength generates high-quality images and offers optimum performance quickly and efficiently.

Appointments for the Philips Panoramic T1 MRI are available at our Madison Heights location. Other types of MRI are available at:

  • Southfield
  • Allen Park
  • Clinton Township


To schedule an appointment, please click to call 888.674.4669.

What to expect at your appointment

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