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Our team of highly skilled radiologists provide expertise in the diagnosis and interpretation of musculoskeletal, spinal, and neurological MRI, and plain film radiology (X-Ray). All of our radiologists are board certified by the American Board of Radiology and licensed with the State of Michigan. 


Michael Paley, M.D. 
Michael Paley M.D.

Dr. Michael Paley is a board-certified neuro-radiologist trained in interpreting a wide variety of musculoskeletal exams including MRI, ultrasound, PET, nuclear, medicine, mammography and digital radiography.

A graduate of Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Dr. Paley served his medical school residency at Mount Sinai Medical Center and later a fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic. Dr. Paley served as Director of Radiology at University Hospitals University Suburban Health Center.

Certifications: Board Certified in Diagnostic Radiology with special competency in Nuclear Medicine


Reza Sazgari, M.D.

Reza Sazgari M.D.
Dr. Reza Sazgari is a board-certified, fellowship-trained musculoskeletal radiologist with a deep, narrow practice focusing exclusively on bone, joint, and spine MRI scans.

A graduate of Wayne State University School of Medicine, Dr. Sazgari served his medical residency at University of Colorado Health Sciences Center followed by completion of his fellowship.

Board Certified in Diagnostic Radiology

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